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TBW Guest: Best You Career Coach Chelle Johnson

November 17, 2021

Chelle Johnson climbed high on the rungs of the Fortune 50 corporate ladder during a Talent Acquisition and Human Resources leadership career that spanned 20+ years and three continents. She loved what she did until eventually she didn’t.  

Now, she guides other high-achieving but under-fulfilled professionals who are ready to dig deep and do the work, to make their own transformational journey. 

In this episode, Chelle explains mental fitness and positive intelligence; how her clients come to her for help with their professional lives and how that overflows into their personal lives.  If you're

  • Working in a toxic environment

  • In a job that no longer aligns with your personal values

  • Topped out at your organization

  • Feeling called to make a bigger impact

  • Overlooked for the promotions you deserve

  • Done living in a non-soulful way

then you need this episode.


Chelle references Positive Intelligence:

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