Two Boomer Women & The Fine Art of Conversation

TBW Guest Michelle on Trans Children

May 5, 2021

A scenario you might never have imagined goes like this: your grandson comes to you and wants to talk.  You can tell it's important so you curl up on the couch with him and he says "Gramma, I have this boy-body but I know I should be a girl."

Most of us would not know how to react, and would probably say the wrong thing.

Learn how to handle what might be the most important conversation of your life in this episode with Michelle, mother of a trans daughter, who knew more about the situation than most of us and helped her withdrawing child become the radiant, vibrant daughter she is today.

Whether the actual conversation includes you, or you just aren't sure what's going on as more and more people speak out about their gender identity, Michelle breaks it down and helps us understand how to be and what to say when transitioning touches our life.

Michelle and her family live in California so do the necessary research for help and support where you live.

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