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TBW-Manly Monday: Keenan Fiddler on Gut Health

July 26, 2021

Gut health is one of those subjects we don't know enough about and it's not the prettiest subject around so, often, we don't mention it.

Keenan Fiddler in a Holistic Nutritionist.  

He explains probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics.  You may inherit your genetics but you also inherit habits - that's not always handy.  Healthy food can help, even fix, a lot.  Stress can be internal and external and is not helpful, in the least.  Keenan guides us on what's good to eat, what should we avoid (we know most of this, we often choose to ignore that knowledge).

Keenan gives us great general information.  However - his information does NOT preclude or replace a doctor's consultation or recommendations.

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