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TBW Guest: Jill Thiry on Embracing Change

TBW Guest: Jill Thiry on Embracing Change

January 19, 2022

Jill's dedication to Intention Setting and Change started within her family, and the effectiveness of the exercises spurred her to launch Club Change.  In this episode, Jill talks about change and intention setting - how it differs from goal setting and why change can be hard.

Follow along as Jill leads Agnes through an intention setting exercise (all you need is a pencil and paper). 

Jill reminds us to be Present, not busy, and to start with small steps.  Small steps seem to be a recurring theme this new year... take heed.

As we're sitting in a Canadian winter, you'll want to learn more about Rancho La Puerta!

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TBW Guest: Vegan Lifestyle Coach Lou Hooper

TBW Guest: Vegan Lifestyle Coach Lou Hooper

January 12, 2022

There are many reasons to embrace a vegan lifestyle.  For Lou Hooper, it started as a response to health issues and then expanded to animal rights.

As a later-in-life convert, Lou understands the hesitancy, the concerns, the mystery, the slips that can come with transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.  That makes her an ideal coach for you on your journey.

This episode Lou shares great tips and suggestions, with care and understanding, to make the transition work for you.

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TBW Guest: Survivor / Thriver / Life Coach Bobbi Kahler

TBW Guest: Survivor / Thriver / Life Coach Bobbi Kahler

January 5, 2022

Bobbi's identity as an athlete was interrupted with a diagnosis with a 3% chance of surviving.  It took 10 years but survive she did, coming back as a stronger athlete than pre-diagnosis. 

She relates how a walk to the end of the driveway one day was a major success. She explains how to start with those first small goals and then you can learn your way forward.  Bobbi agrees it isn't always easy and you can't compare yourself to others. She offers some tips if family members aren't on board.

Such an inspiring story with a lot of logical thoughts to start us off this New Year.

If you're interested in her 7-day Challenge, message us at

You can find Bobbi at and there's a link to her podcast there too.

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Two Boomer Women - 2021 in Review

Two Boomer Women - 2021 in Review

December 29, 2021

What amazing guests I've had this year.  Some are dear friends, some are new friends.

This short episode revisits the guests of 2021, with air dates so you can find them quickly.

Thank you for letting us be part of your life this past year.

All mentions in this episode can be found at

There are more great guests lined up for 2022 - join us as Season 3 begins in just one week!!

Happy New Year!

2021 Most Listened-to Guest: Breast Cancer Coach Marnie Clark

2021 Most Listened-to Guest: Breast Cancer Coach Marnie Clark

December 22, 2021

Two Boomer Women has hosted some amazing guests this year... but perhaps it's no surprise that Boomer Women wanted to know more about avoiding cancer than any other subject.  

First aired in March of 2021, Marnie Clark is knowledgeable and has such actionable suggestions.  There were actually episodes; today we replay Part 1 of Marnie's interview, Part 2can be found at

or scroll back to March 2021 where you listen and you'll find it there.

You can find Marnie at along with a ton of great info and other links you may want to check out.

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Have a lovely "season" whatever it looks like for you.


TBW Guest: Digital Nomad and Coach Carol Clegg

TBW Guest: Digital Nomad and Coach Carol Clegg

December 15, 2021

Today's guest is a modern day digital nomad, albeit the mid-age version.

A new year is in sight, Covid still roams among us, and many of us are ready to change up our lives to be more in control of positive choices and happier outcomes.

Carol Clegg helps women like us to figure out a digital business and then make it happen... the nomad part is not a vacuous dream but an addition to our current home lives.

She is also knowledgeable about digital time savers and thought and life organizers.  That alone is worth the listen!

Oh! and did we mention Lisbon???

Carol and Agnes geek out a bit near the end... stay tuned, you might learn something interesting!

Carol and her resource list can be found at

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Her podcast is

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TBW Guest: Consultant Louisa Hext on Forgiveness

TBW Guest: Consultant Louisa Hext on Forgiveness

December 8, 2021

Today's guest is a skilled and experienced mediator, coach, speaker, and consultant. She partners with her clients to explore forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict resolution, and ways she can support her clients to create positive change in their lives. Louisa Hext is the North American coordinator for the traveling photographic exhibition, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness (a program of The Forgiveness Project a London, UK based non-profit). She serves on The Charter for Compassion’s Global Team and is the lead organizer for the Restorative Justice sector

In today's episode, Louisa discusses Forgiveness, how complicated a subject it is and its potential in our life. She touches on the subject of self-forgiveness, curiosity and empathy and shares stories of forgiveness that are very powerful.

A powerful episode today that will give you much food for thought as we approach the coming season and prepare for a new year, possibly with new hopes.

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or connect on LinkedIn:

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TBW Guest: Natural Lifestyle Coach Dr. Leslie Kasanoff

TBW Guest: Natural Lifestyle Coach Dr. Leslie Kasanoff

December 1, 2021

Today's guest is a great start to December - the month when we often spend indulging our waistline, we socialize instead of exercise, and many of us contemplate what we’d like to change up as a new year presents.

Dr. Leslie Kasanoff spent her life in healthcare, including 25 years as a holistic chiropractor on the Central Coast of California and 10 years before that as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Recently, she's combined her “science geek” side and her alternative care practitioner side to help women through health coaching and consulting. She works with women who want to lose weight, address hormone issues, and resolve or reverse chronic health issues - not just treat them - using food and lifestyle as medicine. 

She's an ‘idealistic skeptic,’ having a science mind but a caring heart and a passion for helping people with simple effective tools.

Today, Leslie discusses the body and its abilities to heal, health and vitality, and hormones.  She debunks several myths around diet and lifestyle, with some recommendations for making it through the holiday season.

Editorial comment: Agnes did make the Sweet Potato Tacos with Cabbage Cups for herself, the mentioned vegan friend and his mother and they ALL loved them!

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TBW Monthly Manday Guest: Dr. Joe Casciani

TBW Monthly Manday Guest: Dr. Joe Casciani

November 24, 2021

Joe Casciani had a long professional career as a psychologist with older adults facing decline and loss.  He is now putting all that knowledge and insight together to help guide us Boomers into our older years.

Whether you're experiencing stress from the age number, or some noticeable declines, or not sure if you have the energy to get back into the world post-Covid, Joe shares many ideas and insights into what we might consider in order to overcome the dread or the lethargy of living fully.

He also discusses "successful aging" and reminds us what there is to celebrate about getting older.

While not all of us will become centenarians, Joe's Living To 100 Club will help you "turn aging on its head"!

Find out more about Dr. Joe Casciani, the Living To 100 Club, his podcast by the same name and his "Reimagine Your Resilience" program at - download Nine Tips For Living Longer while you're there.

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TBW Guest: Best You Career Coach Chelle Johnson

TBW Guest: Best You Career Coach Chelle Johnson

November 17, 2021

Chelle Johnson climbed high on the rungs of the Fortune 50 corporate ladder during a Talent Acquisition and Human Resources leadership career that spanned 20+ years and three continents. She loved what she did until eventually she didn’t.  

Now, she guides other high-achieving but under-fulfilled professionals who are ready to dig deep and do the work, to make their own transformational journey. 

In this episode, Chelle explains mental fitness and positive intelligence; how her clients come to her for help with their professional lives and how that overflows into their personal lives.  If you're

  • Working in a toxic environment

  • In a job that no longer aligns with your personal values

  • Topped out at your organization

  • Feeling called to make a bigger impact

  • Overlooked for the promotions you deserve

  • Done living in a non-soulful way

then you need this episode.


Chelle references Positive Intelligence:

Chelle can found at:

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