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TBW Guest: Lee St. James on Social Robots in ElderCare

TBW Guest: Lee St. James on Social Robots in ElderCare

June 29, 2022

Lee St. James may not have "invented" the social robot concept but her application of it in Assisted Living and Residential Care is nothing short of genius.

Lee began exploring the concept when her own father was retreating into dementia in another city.  While the robot's development was too late for her father, Lee quickly realized "Mindy" has a place and a purpose in several areas of residential care.  Their welcome has been immediate and enthusiastic.

In this episode, Lee explains the potential of the social robots to reduce social isolation, loneliness and stress for older adults and introduces us to her current Mindy.

This is definitely a must-share episode, especially as we learn all the issues that arose in ElderCare during the pandemic and, as we all age, we'll now have a headstart on being "handlers" if we go to live in a complex with a few Mindy's roaming the Rec Therapy department.

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TBW Guest: Sharon Glassman of Smile Songs

TBW Guest: Sharon Glassman of Smile Songs

June 22, 2022

Sharon Glassman is an introverted, Brooklyn, NY fashion writer turned Colorado designer and songwriter of Smile Songs cards and gifts that sing.

Definitely an optimist, a glass-half-full woman whose raison d'etre seems to be to make people smile, and to uplift them. That describes Sharon and also her cards and gifts that sing.

Introverts.  Storytelling.  Big city life, small city life and QR codes.  Just part of the conversation this week.

This episode will leave you feeling happy and positive! Be sure to check out Sharon's cards and gifts at

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TBW Guest: Sex Therapist Liz Dube

TBW Guest: Sex Therapist Liz Dube

June 15, 2022

Fun. Relaxed. Informative. 

Those are the terms that come to mind to describe a great conversation with Sex & Relationship Therapist Liz Dube.

Yes, we're older.  Yes, body parts may not be as pretty (or perky) as they used to be. Yes, desire might be a little elusive as we get older.

Here's a novel thought: it's not just us women!  Older men, our older partners, may well be feeling many of the insecurities/hesitations that we women are.

Communication. Outercourse. Honesty. Fun.  Embrace those ideas and a vibrant sex life may be yours again... or yours for the first time ever!

A delightful, relaxed conversation about a sometimes taboo subject!!

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TBW Guest: Life Coach Dawn Mathis

TBW Guest: Life Coach Dawn Mathis

June 8, 2022

This episode has so many thought-provoking sound bites... and they're all followed up with Dawn's thoughts and explanations.

How about these:

  • there are two growth signals: our longings and our discontents
  • if you are what you do and you don't, then you're not
  • here's the thing about self-worth - you can never out-perform it
  • notice what you're noticing
  • the universe's first currency is not money, it's ideas

Some listeners might consider it elder-knowledge, for Dawn Mathis, it's just what she does.

Take the time to appreciate the fact that both Agnes and Dawn admit to thoughts that fly away with no warning - they are NOT senior moments, it's a fact of life!

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TBW Guest: Lynne Bowman, Author of Brownies for Breakfast

TBW Guest: Lynne Bowman, Author of Brownies for Breakfast

June 1, 2022

Lynne Bowman describes herself as a a snarky grandma who doesn’t own a restaurant, isn’t a reality TV star, doesn’t have a medical degree, and doesn’t particularly like to cook.

However.  She is a Glam Grandma, her kitchen looks like it's straight out of House & Home and she is definitely an all-star healthy-eating proponent.  And the recipes in her cookbook Brownies for Breakfast are 5-star.

Lynne landed in adulthood with the knowledge that chronic disease can destroy families, it can destroy your wealth, it destroys everything in your life. A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis 30+ years ago made her laser focused on all aspects of good health and a determination to spread the word.

Entertaining, informative, and generous about sums up this episode with Lynne.

Interesting insider info near the end suggests we may well be hearing from Lynne again!!

Lynne can be found at


TBW Guest: International Adoption Mom Anna Maria DiDio

TBW Guest: International Adoption Mom Anna Maria DiDio

May 25, 2022

Anna Maria DiDio is an international adoption mom whose best intentions and plans couldn't have prepared her fully for the challenges of a cross-border adoption.

When we think of international adoptions, we often picture a waif of a child who is unloved and under-nourished with haunting and haunted eyes.  That's not necessarily the case as today's guest found out when she and her husband adopted a young child from Mexico.  

In this episode Anna Maria is candid about the challenges faced by her, her husband, their biological daughter and their adopted daughter as they worked to create a family and find their path forward as a family.  Anna Maria's chronicles were adapted into a book Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure that will reassure other adopting families that their struggles are not unusual, and that they will come out the other end.  Anna Maria also writes children's books which feature stories about adoption, foster care, stepchildren, and all blended families from the point of view of the child.

As grandparents we Boomers can play as important a role in the lives of adopted children as we do in the lives of our biological grands.

Learn more about Anna Maria DiDio and find her books at



TBW Guest: Professional & Phone Photographer Debbie Flynn

TBW Guest: Professional & Phone Photographer Debbie Flynn

May 18, 2022

Professional Photographer Debbie Flynn combines skill with heart when she takes her photographs, with beautiful success.  So it was rather unsettling for her to find her talent didn't translate to her phone camera.  Needles to say, she solved that problem. 

With a background as a healing practitioner as well as a professional photographer, Debbie explains how the feel, or mood, of a photo - the occasion, the subject, the place and time - all contribute to a photographer's success.

In this episode Debbie shares some technical information but emphasizes how to approach the moment with the feel of the moment and the subject being captured.

Debbie and her trainings can be found at



TBW Guest: RD Martha Tettenborn on Cancer, Keto, Chemo and Fasting

TBW Guest: RD Martha Tettenborn on Cancer, Keto, Chemo and Fasting

May 11, 2022

Martha Tettenborn RD is a Registered Dietitian and certified Primal Health Coach with over 30 years of experience working in various areas of nutrition.

When diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer, Martha began exploring the research of the disease and discovered the science of cancer metabolism. This led her to develop and use a protocol of ketogenic diet with targeted therapeutic fasting to significantly impact her response to chemotherapy.

Her experience, strategies and resources, plus the science behind them, (and her determined and positive attitude) are outlined in her book Hacking Chemo: Using Ketogenic Diet, Therapeutic Fasting and a Kickass Attitude to Power Through Cancer.

Lots of science in this episode and, when Martha explains it, it all really makes sense.  Definitely a must-listen as we all know someone who has or has had cancer.

Martha can be found at

And at her Facebook page:



TBW Guest: Life Mission Guide Carissa Kazyss

TBW Guest: Life Mission Guide Carissa Kazyss

May 4, 2022

Carissa Kazyss understands that there is a "Golden Thread" that weaves through our life, past, present and into the future and wants us to find that golden thread and experience the aliveness that comes from that.

Carissa explains that people in their third act want more aliveness, that our culture often fails to appreciate the wisdom we hold and how much we have to contribute.

Based on the work (and book) of Daniel Goodenough, The Caravan of Remembering is a call to live a life of authentic purpose.

Today's conversation offers seeds of introspection, and includes an exercise that Agnes appreciated while researching this episode but struggled with on air until Carissa guided her along the discovery path.

A truly interesting conversation that may well be the call you've been waiting for as you reflect on your life mission.

Carissa can be found at

The book and all the amazing resources can be found by clicking the links on the menu bar.

TBW Guest: Personal Finance Coach Alissa Locke

TBW Guest: Personal Finance Coach Alissa Locke

April 27, 2022

Alissa Locke is part of the Financial Coaching team of Money Mentor Group, which helps people understand their money mindset,  pay off debt, create a budget that respects how they want to live, and become financially confident.

In this episode, Alissa explains the difference between a financial advisor and a money coach.  She explains the five money personalities.

Phrases like "I deserve" and "retail therapy" can lead to over-spending while "Me Money" gives you some spending freedom.  Alissa shares her views on credit cards (maybe not what you think!) and emphasizes the need to have strategies for paying off debt.

Alissa and Agnes discuss financial education for young people, along with retirement planning and pension realities.

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