Two Boomer Women & The Fine Art of Conversation
A One Boomer Woman Update… and Other Things

A One Boomer Woman Update… and Other Things

November 3, 2020

Agnes is flying solo today - a short episode to catch you up on our collective absence.

Mar Sulaika is on sabbatical and Agnes was waylaid with a faceplant on a cement step.  

Good segue to a story about Good News, Bad News.  

Real sounds  in the background resemble real life... well the reality of these Boomer Women.

Brave woman that she is, Agnes wades in on the American election.

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COVID and Other Crises - Fix Them!

COVID and Other Crises - Fix Them!

October 5, 2020

Joys of the internet today: Agnes sounds like she's calling in from her submarine.

COVID strikes Trudy's care home again. Should Covid rules be enfored?  and is Mar Sulaika sliding back into that discarded career of investigative reporting?  Revolution at an individual level?

Needing and finding work these days and fixing our crises...

"hold me, squeeze me, bite my head"?? - about the 14 minute mark...

Are you selling art online? Agnes might be going to school.  

Outlook as an email provider and, before I forget, memory banks.

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Two Boomer Women With a Lot to Say

Two Boomer Women With a Lot to Say

September 21, 2020

Two Boomer Women have settled into a new format for episodes: Two Boomer Women on Mondays and Pissed on Podcast on Fridays.

Does Agnes' new client have COVID? What about "testing"?

Racism and caste, caste and class new book by Isabel Wilkerson.

Garbage trucks and customer service... customer service online -is that an oxymoron?  

Covid antidotes and salmonella onions into the safety of our food supply.

Is Erno Rubik on the go again?

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Two Boomer Women, Catching Up

Two Boomer Women, Catching Up

September 7, 2020

Two Boomer Women lost some time lately with Agnes' move, so this episode was recorded Friday right before they poured drinks and recorded Pissed on Podcast (hence the references).

The move is done - no catastrophes but that doesn't stop them from discussing the subject.

Agnes' new client is blind - let's ponder that concept, which segues nicely into care facilities.

Covidiots and buses, hot dogs are monster meat.

Is Facebook a spoiled brat?   

What's to be done about over-authoritarian authority?

Just another conversation with Two Boomer Women!


Tired of Moving… Except Maybe to France

Tired of Moving… Except Maybe to France

August 27, 2020

Nude bodies on the beach... vive la France!

The move goes sideways... of course it does!

Two Boomer Women have a random conversation today, plus a bit of PoP confusion.

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Short and Sweet and Deja Vu

Short and Sweet and Deja Vu

August 24, 2020

Flashback:  Short episode today as Agnes was in move mode.  That said, it could have been longer but both women were in sigh-mode and most of that has landed on the cutting room floor.

MS is an HSP.

Deja vu - Agnes' move was imminent, and is imminent - this year however she is looking forward to her new home.

Tiny abodes.

Mar Sulaika is advocating for her mother which segues to in praise of 'simple'.

Finally, as if a move wasn't enough... wait for it, Agnes got to add to her move glee. trauma?

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Moving… and There’s Still Fire In Our Souls!!

Moving… and There’s Still Fire In Our Souls!!

August 20, 2020

Agnes is moving.

Mar Sulaika has been without internet for 36 hours.

Does COVID make English school even more important?

Mar Sulaika makes a fashion statement when she finds herself without a mask!!!

"tired" reigns supreme today.

Discussions around POP - either Agnes does't explain things well, or Mar Sulaika had her Luddite cap on...  but on to a real POP subject: drinks of choice (there's something about meeting late afternoon)

Mar Sulaika questions Agnes' organization around the move.... hahahahaha!!!!!  

Finally, the "move to" of choice given we may be mid-60s but we still see possibilities - hope you can identify.

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Flashback:  August 2019 Seems So Simple Now, In Retrospect

Flashback: August 2019 Seems So Simple Now, In Retrospect

August 17, 2020

Agnes promises not to be moving again this time next year!  

MS appreciated the generation of doctors who actually touch their patients... gardening therapy... old people and catheter bags...

So many reminders of how we took so much for granted before COVID.

Opinions on cab companies; Agnes climbs onto her soapbox about some care aides and then they both ruminate on care facilities for their generation.

The Nature of Things: distortions in memory...

A short lesson in cyber security (timely given the goings-on at the CRA). 

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Agnes Flies Solo - With a Tribute to “Mar Had Problems With…”

Agnes Flies Solo - With a Tribute to “Mar Had Problems With…”

August 13, 2020

Agnes revisits the theme of Two Boomer Women: The Lost Art of Conversation, prompted by the person who knows they'll get a chuckle when they read "Mar had problems with..." in the show notes.  :-)

A promotion for conversation and an anecdote about someone who has conversations about American politics.

Re: Podcasts... can anyone front Agnes to the tune of >$8 grand?  (It's such a great idea!)

Finally, an invite: create the conversation, be a guest on Two Boomer Women!

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Flashback:  Some Things Change, and Some Don’t

Flashback: Some Things Change, and Some Don’t

August 10, 2020

Flashback:  Agnes was moving this time last year, and here she is moving again - this has to stop!

Early reviews of Mar Sulaika's website are great!

Mar Sulaika going through a too-busy time; Agnes gives us some insight as to why Pissed On Podcast came so easily to her.

A beach barbeque with a music fest down the beach - how times have changed!

Mar Sulaika and her projects, and a few health issues.  Should doctors be tactile?

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