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TBW Guest: Confidence Creator Susan Cox

TBW Guest: Confidence Creator Susan Cox

September 22, 2021

"Get visible with your style."  That's a concept you'll never hear Agnes coaching on!

That's why you'll appreciate today's guest, Susan Cox.  Whether you're bemoaning what age is doing to your body, or ready to spruce up the old you, or wondering about colour as you age, or (like Agnes) miss those fabulous heels you used to wear, Susan has great thoughts, ideas and tips for us Boomer women.

If you're concerned what the people in your life will think when you join the Look-Like-A-Million-Bucks Club, Susan has advice for you too.

Susan is the Founder of Fiercely 50-ish and can be found at

She has a Facebook page:

and a group:

and you still have time to register for Susan's mini-workshop on Writing your Style Story:

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TBW Guest: Freelance Success Coach Sharon Dyer

TBW Guest: Freelance Success Coach Sharon Dyer

September 15, 2021

Perhaps it's an omen that so many of the guests recently are coaching Boomer women to recreate their income source, whether that means leaving your current 9-5 or revitalizing it or yourself.

Today's guest has another interesting option for you: Freelancing.

The possibilities seem endless, certainly more than Agnes ever realized... the trick is to get noticed!  Sharon Dyer supports professional over-55s transitioning from a career to create a plan as they step into the next phase of their life, to have the confidence they can have and truly enjoy the lifestyle they desire and know they can manage the changes that come along.

Sharon helps you discern between risks and chances, she coaches you through change and opportunity, she helps you see the rewards that come with courage.  Finally, with Sharon, you'll create the profile that gets noticed!

You can find Sharon at

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TBW Replay: Can You Afford to Leave the J-O-B?

TBW Replay: Can You Afford to Leave the J-O-B?

September 8, 2021

The podcast seems to be running a theme right now about leaving, or at least changing up, your current 9-5.  Can you afford to do that?  You need to crunch the numbers ahead of time!

This episode is a replay of an episode aired last February, wherein Agnes reviews her Income-Outgone Analyzer, with an invite to download a copy so you can run your own budget through it.  Also a short, but full-on, course about other facets of retirement you might want to consider... plan for.

Link to Nahanni's previous episode:

Link to the video that demonstrates the spreadsheet featured in the episode:

The pre-retirement course Agnes mentions can also be found at the above link.


TBW Editorial Rant: Agnes on the Up-Coming Federal Election

TBW Editorial Rant: Agnes on the Up-Coming Federal Election

September 1, 2021

Twenty-two months into a 4-year mandate Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a federal election.

I this episode, Agnes reviews the three main party platforms (for lack of a better word...) as they pertain to seniors' issues.  Boomers are either seniors or soon-to-be and Grey Ruckus is all about seniors so Agnes isolated those issues... yes, we are well aware there are a myriad of issues in any election, but this episode focuses on seniors.

Links to party platforms:

The Liberals: (the official election platform was not released as this episode was recorded, and this linked page has grown since Agnes did her initial research)

Better Care reference:

Better Care backgrounder:

'Support for seniors':


The Conservatives:


The NDP:


The Grey Ruckus website:

Agnes' previous article at Grey Ruckus:

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TBW Guest: Kathleen Wolf on Creating Career Success

TBW Guest: Kathleen Wolf on Creating Career Success

August 25, 2021

Kathleen Wolf helps forward-thinking organizations and individuals create meaningful business growth and career success. Based on her experiences in corporate and her own business, Kathleen developed the Experience Ecosystem®, a proven framework that guides organizations and individuals, recentering around their purpose and building meaningful growth based on their strengths. This approach used with clients delivers extraordinary results.

In this episode, Kathleen discusses strengths and weaknesses and the value of "being prepared" and what that entails.

This is the third episode in a series about being a Boomer dissatisfied with their 9-5 and looking for options about what to do about that.

You can find Kathleen at   Get on Kathleen's mailing list and be the first to learn more about her up-coming workshops and courses.

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TBW Guest: Marena Drlik on Transitioning to Entrepreneurship

TBW Guest: Marena Drlik on Transitioning to Entrepreneurship

August 18, 2021

Marena Drlik helps women 45+, who are transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, make the mindset shift that is necessary for their success. She helps her clients create their entrepreneurial identity and the focus, motivation, and flow needed in their new world. Marena is a Transformational Life Coach. She uses coaching skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Core Transformation, and hypnosis.

Marena talks about outside work and inside work in becoming an entrepreneur.  In this episode, she discusses some of the roadblocks (inside work) a new entrepreneur might meet in her journey... forewarned is forearmed, they say!  Listen in if you or someone you know is making the transition or contemplating the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Find out more about Marena, or contact her at

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TBW Guest: Leanne Le Cras on Quitting That Toxic Workplace

TBW Guest: Leanne Le Cras on Quitting That Toxic Workplace

August 11, 2021

Several years ago, Leanne realized her dream job was turning into a nightmare, and she had to get out.

In this episode, Leanne shares her decision, her discussions with her husband, all the things she needed to consider in order to make "getting gone" a reality.

Leanne is very open about the before, the during and the after of her decision to quit her job... which makes this a must-listen for anyone who is thinking that leaving their workplace is the most healthy option. She shares a few tips too about processes you might want to check out.

She has been a blogger for a number of years and she references several articles she wrote during and about her journey, the links are:

Leanne also references an Australian book with lots of great advice, The Barefoot Investor:
Summer Rerun: TBW Guest Michelle on Trans Children

Summer Rerun: TBW Guest Michelle on Trans Children

August 4, 2021

Summer Rerun #3 - Regular programming resumes next week.

A scenario you might never have imagined goes like this: your grandson comes to you and wants to talk.  You can tell it's important so you curl up on the couch with him and he says "Gramma, I have this boy-body but I know I should be a girl."

Most of us would not know how to react, and would probably say the wrong thing.

Learn how to handle what might be the most important conversation of your life in this episode with Michelle, mother of a trans daughter, who knew more about the situation than most of us and helped her withdrawing child become the radiant, vibrant daughter she is today.

Whether the actual conversation includes you, or you just aren't sure what's going on as more and more people speak out about their gender identity, Michelle breaks it down and helps us understand how to be and what to say when transitioning touches our life.

Michelle and her family live in California so do the necessary research for help and support where you live.

One link that Michelle shares is:

If you have questions that Michelle could answer send them to Agnes at 

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Summer Rerun: Suspense Writer Maggie Thom

Summer Rerun: Suspense Writer Maggie Thom

July 28, 2021

Maggie Thom... Glenna Mageau... today you'll primarily meet Maggie Thom: award winning suspense/mystery/thriller writer.

Maggie discusses her methods - writing, plot development, character studies - and the preparations for publishing.

If you've ever considered writing, you'll get lots of tips. If you're looking for a good suspense with twists and turns throughout, you'll be following Maggie in no time!

Links mentioned:


(that's Maggie/Glenna's affiliate link - full disclosure: she will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)

Draft 2 Digital:


Island Rock Creations:

Find Maggie:


TBW-Manly Monday: Keenan Fiddler on Gut Health

TBW-Manly Monday: Keenan Fiddler on Gut Health

July 26, 2021

Gut health is one of those subjects we don't know enough about and it's not the prettiest subject around so, often, we don't mention it.

Keenan Fiddler in a Holistic Nutritionist.  

He explains probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics.  You may inherit your genetics but you also inherit habits - that's not always handy.  Healthy food can help, even fix, a lot.  Stress can be internal and external and is not helpful, in the least.  Keenan guides us on what's good to eat, what should we avoid (we know most of this, we often choose to ignore that knowledge).

Keenan gives us great general information.  However - his information does NOT preclude or replace a doctor's consultation or recommendations.

You can find Keenan at

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