Two Boomer Women & The Lost Art of Conversation

Flashback: Cat Tales and Designing Your Online Presence

June 29, 2020

Flashback to 2019 - Agnes was helping Mar Sulaika realize her vision of a website to represent her online.  It's such a personal piece of property, your online home.  A slightly shorter episode today as Two Boomer Women really got into the minutiae of design and we didn't want to bore with you too much of that!

As an aside, your take-away from this episode is that you should be firm with your wishes when it comes to your website, and so much of the fine tuning can be done with the click of a mouse.  Don't be intimidated - Do It!

Interesting flashback today as tomorrow (in real time) Agnes meets with another artist, this time a musician friend, to discuss his vision for a website.  Maybe it's a Spring-thing.

Today's episode begins and ends with cat tales - Kashi and Cat.  Kashi is Mar Sulaika's mom's cat but currently her responsibility, getting older... preparing for the death of a loved pet is not easy.

Somewhere in there you'll hear a brief mention of this podcast, which was still just an idea this time last year!

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