Two Boomer Women & The Lost Art of Conversation

Flashback: Creativity - The Process, The Product & The Business

June 4, 2020

Two Boomer Women reach back into the vault again today to June 2019.

This episode has a lazy start although Molly Shannon is full of energy! (When these episodes were recorded last year, we had no way of knowing how loud, and uneditable, fidgeting is.  So, our apologies, but rest assured fidgeting is the sign of an active creative!) 

Mar Sulaika has been considering selling some of the artwork of her late husband, Peter Paul Ochs (still available as of this air date - if you're interested please contact Mar Sulaika via the website), and discussion revolves around all the emotions that accompany that idea.

Joni Mitchell's take on the creative process leads into Mar Sulaika and her creativity with Agnes brainstorming a route to an online voice for Mar Sulaika.

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