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Flashback: Stats for Proposal and Selling Navajo Jewelry

June 15, 2020

Mondays will be Flashbacks to the same time 2019 for a while as Mar Sulaika takes advantage of the creative energy that has possessed her of late.  Thursday will be current as, of course! will be Pissed On Podcast!

So... last June Mar Sulaika was pursuing neighbourhood stats for a business proposal... with very little luck - technology is great but it's ineffective if it's not kept up-to-date.

Mar Sulaika was selling a piece of jewelry: Navajo turquoise... not sure if it's sold - contact her at the website if it's of interest to you!

There was nothing much of excitement in Agnes' life so there's a quick update on the fire that put her daughter and family out of their home last June... life can throw curve balls when you least expect it!

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