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TBW Editorial Rant: Agnes on the Up-Coming Federal Election

September 1, 2021

Twenty-two months into a 4-year mandate Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a federal election.

I this episode, Agnes reviews the three main party platforms (for lack of a better word...) as they pertain to seniors' issues.  Boomers are either seniors or soon-to-be and Grey Ruckus is all about seniors so Agnes isolated those issues... yes, we are well aware there are a myriad of issues in any election, but this episode focuses on seniors.

Links to party platforms:

The Liberals: (the official election platform was not released as this episode was recorded, and this linked page has grown since Agnes did her initial research)

Better Care reference:

Better Care backgrounder:

'Support for seniors':


The Conservatives:


The NDP:


The Grey Ruckus website:

Agnes' previous article at Grey Ruckus:

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