Two Boomer Women & The Fine Art of Conversation

TBW Guest: Certified Laughter Leader Kim McIntyre

March 30, 2022

Play… Joy… Laughter… if you can't find them easily in your life, take a page out of this guest's playbook and find "laughter and play therapy"  - maybe even become a Joyful Living Teacher & Certified Laughter Leader.  

If finding joy seems monumental, you may need professional guidance, but if it's more a forgotten idea, then start small.  If joy and laughter were never part of your life, sit with a smile and give yourself permission (or Kim and Agnes give you permission) to enjoy some moments today, tomorrow and everyday.  

YouTube videos, games without scorekeeping... once you've mastered finding joy in a flower or a blue sky, there are many ways to up the ante and start laughing.

The stories will keep you chuckling as Kim and Agnes share anecdotes.

Kim's advice for mid-life women near the end is a must-listen.  

Find Kim at and be sure to download her 10 Powerful Questions.

Kim's YouTube channel is:


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