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TBW Guest: Hema Murty on Wellness: Fitness, Nutrition and Psychology

March 2, 2022

It's a longer episode today but so worth the listen.

Hema Murty discusses fitness, nutrition and how psychology influences us... through an eastern lens. And when an aerospace engineer decides to delve into wellness, you can count on it she won't be swayed by fads or scares or fanatics. 

She explains yoga - the authentic Indian yoga and the origins of the asanas; the advantages of TRX, aka suspension training; kettlebells; and BOSU, all modalities that she's researched and in which she's attained trainer status.

Hema talks about nutrition and how the psychology and awareness of our eating habits go a long way to making modifications... and a few thoughts about our obsession with weight.

Several side discussions include fitness professionals vs a hobby exercise instructor and those who decide their limited knowledge is enough to warrant a YT channel; fitness and rehab; aging (or not); and Barbie.

Agnes and Hema enjoy a few good laughs throughout! Join them!

Please also remember that Hema is giving us information - she is not giving us a training session within a podcast.

Editor's note: this episode was recorded pre- the Russian invasion of Ukraine so when Russia is mentioned it is only within the parameters of the statements, there is no endorsement implied or politics associated with the comments.

Hema has written a book about handling stress that will be of interest, and has a "Pain-free Active Living" course coming soon - get on her mailing list now!

Hema Murty can be found at


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