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TBW Guest: Natural Lifestyle Coach Dr. Leslie Kasanoff

December 1, 2021

Today's guest is a great start to December - the month when we often spend indulging our waistline, we socialize instead of exercise, and many of us contemplate what we’d like to change up as a new year presents.

Dr. Leslie Kasanoff spent her life in healthcare, including 25 years as a holistic chiropractor on the Central Coast of California and 10 years before that as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Recently, she's combined her “science geek” side and her alternative care practitioner side to help women through health coaching and consulting. She works with women who want to lose weight, address hormone issues, and resolve or reverse chronic health issues - not just treat them - using food and lifestyle as medicine. 

She's an ‘idealistic skeptic,’ having a science mind but a caring heart and a passion for helping people with simple effective tools.

Today, Leslie discusses the body and its abilities to heal, health and vitality, and hormones.  She debunks several myths around diet and lifestyle, with some recommendations for making it through the holiday season.

Editorial comment: Agnes did make the Sweet Potato Tacos with Cabbage Cups for herself, the mentioned vegan friend and his mother and they ALL loved them!

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