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TBW-Manly Monday: Bob Levin on Computer Security

June 28, 2021

Bob Levin got his start in computers in 1973!  That's called an early adopter.

In this episode he talks security: our computers, our email, the internet... and his mantra Back-up. Back-up. Back-up.

From passwords to patches, he explains why security is so important... and that it's our responsibility!

Bob can be found on FaceBook:

He explained he has a course to help you upgrade that unsupported Windows 7 to Windows 10.  He made it free for you:

He recommended two password managers:  LastPass and Bitwarden, here are those links:

Back-up your computer and its files!!!  Bob recommended iDrive, here's that link (full disclosure, at no extra cost to you Bob will make a very small stipend if you buy):


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