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TBW Monthly Manday Guest: Dr. Joe Casciani

November 24, 2021

Joe Casciani had a long professional career as a psychologist with older adults facing decline and loss.  He is now putting all that knowledge and insight together to help guide us Boomers into our older years.

Whether you're experiencing stress from the age number, or some noticeable declines, or not sure if you have the energy to get back into the world post-Covid, Joe shares many ideas and insights into what we might consider in order to overcome the dread or the lethargy of living fully.

He also discusses "successful aging" and reminds us what there is to celebrate about getting older.

While not all of us will become centenarians, Joe's Living To 100 Club will help you "turn aging on its head"!

Find out more about Dr. Joe Casciani, the Living To 100 Club, his podcast by the same name and his "Reimagine Your Resilience" program at - download Nine Tips For Living Longer while you're there.

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