Two Boomer Women & The Lost Art of Conversation

Two Boomer Women Guest: Robin DeFoe

July 15, 2020

Agnes has her good friend, Robin DeFoe on this week: Robin is one of those special Boomers who still has a mom with her, and she has decided to be caregiver for her mom as dementia claims another lovely person.

Robin has a unique gift and that is building a network marketing business, although most of her work has had to be sidelined as her mom's needs grow.

Robin was introduced to CBD oil to helpher mom - the link to the research she found is below; and Robin is also living proof of the effectiveness of her immune system booster, that link is also below.


Full disclosure: Robin will make no money from the CBD link, she will earn a small stipend if you decide to try out her immune system product.

CBD link:

Immunocal links:


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